J.Björk | PSFK: The Nomad Class Envisions The Desk of 2020
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PSFK: The Nomad Class Envisions The Desk of 2020

The future workspace is wherever you want it to be

“Your desk is killing you” led to the (quite literal) rise in standing desks and, enter the Apple Watch, constant wrist reminders to simply stand up. But for some, raising their screens a few feet wasn’t liberating enough. Thanks to tech, creative professionals are setting up—and standing up—anytime, anywhere. They’re a part of an emerging, untethered group: the Nomad Class.

Our new Nomad Class Debrief from PSFK Labs explores how the rise of freelance, remote workers and distributed teams have shifted traditional notions of how and where we work. With the ability to connect with teams and clients around the globe, the new possibilities for a productive workspace are—virtually—limitless.

A nomad’s “desk” isn’t a desk at all. It may be a coworking space. It may be wearable screens. It may be a traveling hotspot.

PSFK asked seven experts on the future of nomadic living to envision their desk of the future—the Desk of 2020, to be exact. When we are no longer tethered to a stationary workspace and emerging technology like augmented reality, wearables, speedier Wi-Fi, wireless charging and connected devices now proliferate the day-to-day, what will our “desks” look like?

J.Björk: PSFK: The Nomad Class Envisions The Desk of 2020

“To me, it’s not about the desk, but about the tools and objects needed to work and create. Technology will always change, but the need for a workspace filled with beauty and inspiration—whether that’s a corner office on Park Avenue or a temporary setup in a coffee shop in Stockholm—is constant” – Johanna Björk, Creative Principal, J.Björk


By Melanie Ehrenkranz, PSFK. Illustration by Johanna Björk.

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